First African Bicycle Information Organization (FABIO)

As the economies and societies of Africa continue to develop it is important that this growth occurs in a sustainable fashion which benefits not only the stakeholders involved, but the world as a whole.  The First African Bicycle Information Organization (FABIO) is a Uganda based non-governmental organization that believes in utilizing non-motorized transport as a vital tool for sustainable development.

One of the contributing factors to poverty in underdeveloped areas of Africa is the lack of a viable form of transportation.  From the farmer who cannot take large loads of crops to the market for sale, to the family who cannot transport their sick mother to a hospital; FABIO aspires to help build the capacity of these groups to improve their own lives.  These issues are addressed through FABIO’s bicycle-related programs that aim to help make non-motorized forms of transportation more readily available to marginalized communities.

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Since the 1990′s there has been a steady growth in the number of CSO’s, both national and international, involved in promoting non-motorised transport. In August 2009 these CSOs founded the African Bicycle Network. Many of the founding member CSOs have a history going back many years and have gained a reputation for effective grassroots work on promoting non-motorised transport. The challenge is that many other CSOs and individuals who emphasis with the Networks aims are scattered throughout and important information is not widely available resulting in reinventing the wheel over and over.

Hence the main objective of the Network is to build a strong, pro-active web based network, starting with the founding member CSOs and incorporating as quickly as possible other CSOs and Associates with similar interests and aspirations. The networks aim is to provide a platform to harness the knowledge, experiences and expertise which is already there in many CSOs to improve the quality of life of people in Africa through non-motorised transport. The network will be a focal point for regional integration to advocate and lobby for sustainable development with emphasis on non-motorised transport. Our conviction is that identifying, organising and managing existing resources throughout the network will enormously strengthen the technical, organisational and advocacy capabilities of existing groups, far beyond the resources necessary to do so. This is because a strong articulated network can ensure information available from one group flows throughout the regions to other groups in need of that information and vice versa.

Our goal is that more African citizens can cycle and want to cycle, from more interest / social groups for more reasons and more often to fight many of Africa’s challenges. To reach our goal we offer strong support to pioneers, currently working on limited resources with scares information, and empower them and already established CSOs to reach these objectives in their own cities and countries.



Contact person: Imelda Nasei



Office hosted by Uvumbuzi and Wildlife Clubs of Kenya

Bomas of Kenya, Langata Road

P.O Box 44487-00100

Nairobi, KENYA


Full name: Association d’Aide aux Veuves et Orpheleins
Country: Burkina Faso
Contact person: Esther Yameogo
Email: avo_association

Full name: Bicycling Empowerment Network
Country: South Africa
Contact person: Andrew Wheeldon
Email: andrew

Full name: Bicycle Sponsorship Programme and Workshop
Country: Uganda
Contact person: Richard Kisamadu
Email: bspw @

Full name: Centre for Cycling Expertise
Country: Ghana
Contact person: Magnus Quarshie
Email: info

Full name: First African Bicycle Information Organisation
Country: Uganda
Contact person: Patrick Kayemba
Email: info

La Nouvelle Vie
Full name: La Nouvelle Vie au Rwanda
Country: Rwanda
Contact person: Jean Baptiste Nsabimana
Website: -
Email: nsabimanajb2002

Full name: Uvumbuzi
Country: Kenya
Contact person: Imelda Nasei
Email: secretariat

Full Name: Umma Wa Wapanda Baisikeli
Country: Tanzania
Contact person: Elaine
Email: uwabadar

Victoria Boda Boda Co-operative Sacco Society
Country: Kenya
Contact person: Richard Opiyo
Email: vibosacco Continue reading

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