Uvumbuzi Bicycle Awareness Caravan, 28th November 2010

Uvumbuzi Kenya held a Bicycle Awareness Caravan within the City of Nairobi with an aim of sensitizing city residents, cyclists, policy makers/leaders and motorists to recognize cyclists on the roads, petition the Government to incorporate the implementation of cycle friendly infrastructure as well promote a safe cycling culture for health, wealth. The Caravan took place on the 28th November 2010. The Caravan served a Phase One Campaign platform with the theme “Lets Share the Road”

Share the Road Report Launch and East Africa Workshop November 29, 2010 UNEP Headquarters, Nairobi, Kenya

Share the Road is a UNEP initiative to advance investments in road infrastructure for non-motorised transport (NMT).  Cities are growth engines for national economies and a well-functioning and resource-efficient transport sector is key to supporting such growth.  In this urban context, NMT road infrastructure has a key role to play in providing citizens clean, affordable and safe transport to meet their mobility needs.

Share the Road Report Launch and East Africa Workshop is scheduled for Monday, 29 November, at UNEP Headquarters in Gigiri. This is a one day meeting and members of the African Bicycle Network have been invited to participate in this meeting.

During this meeting the UNEP Executive Director, Mr. Achim Steiner, will launch the Share the Road global report.

Expert Group Meeting on “Sustainable Mobility for African Cities” held on 7th October 2010

The Expert Group Meeting held on the 7th October 2010 organized by UN- Habitat and GTZ focused on Promoting non-motorized transport options and compact cities as complements to public transport.

The African Bicycle Network as a promoter and contributor of non motorized transport options participated the African forum sharing and learning from fellow experts of initiatives and new developments in Africa.

Annual African Bicycle Network (ABN) Meeting held on the 5th – 6th October 2010, Dakar Senegal

The African Bicycle Network held the Annual African Bicycle Network Meeting held on the 5th – 6th October 2010, Dakar Senegal.

The meeting brought together country members from Ghana, South Africa, Rwanda, Burkina Faso, Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, representatives from Velocity Global 2011, Interface for Cycling Expertise (Netherlands), Cycling Out of Poverty (Netherlands).  The aim of ABN is to provide a platform to harness the knowledge and expertise which is already there in many CSOs to improve the quality of life of people in Africa through non-motorized transport.

The meeting highlights included country action plans, Council elections and development of the calendar of activities 2011.


Dear African colleagues,

I strongly support this initiative. I think it is exactly what is needed. I have just written a book on the topic – called Energy Glut that is published by Zed Books. Cycling is the future for transport and would represents a transportation advance for high, middle and low income countries. All strength to you.

Ian Roberts Professor of Public Health

London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine


Victoria Boda Boda Coop Sacco society

Victoria Boda Boda Coop Sacco society is a saving and credit society to bodaboda riders in Kenya set up with an aim to lend bicycles, networking and mobilize youths into Economic Activities.

Since establishment Victoria Boda Boda Coop Sacco activities have included:

v     Mobilize youths into Economic Activities

v     Offering saving opportunities and access to loans

v     Offering bicycle loans to student in secondary schools

Contact Us

Telephone: (+254) 23 200 599

Email: vibosacco@yahoo.com

P. O Box 1331- 40100- Kisumu

Read More: http://cyclingblue.wordpress.com/

Campaigning for cycle parking in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

On 31st July 2010 cyclists gathered at Mlimani City Shopping Centre to complain about the policy of Mlimani city to forbid cyclists from parking in the parking area. UWABA has been following up on this issue with Mlimani City management since 2007 and requesting replies to our letters but we have never received a written reply. About 20 cyclists gathered in the presence of camera crews from Channel 10 news to complain and management agreed verbally to change this policy and to put in place parking facilities for bicycles.  In subsequent days cyclists tested whether the policy has been implemented by visiting the shopping centre on bicycle and found that Mlimani City now allows cyclists into the parking area, therefore this has been a successful campaign.Campaigning for cycle parking


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