Ride 4 A Woman

Ride 4 a Woman main objective is to economically and socially empower local women in the closest communities surrounding Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park.

Ride 4 a Woman tackles issues related with bicycles! Not only do we rent bicycles to tourists to fund our Women’s Community Centre, we offer bicycle career training to the women as one of the career options they can choose with us. Please read more about our Women’s Community Centre.

And of course, we help every woman member of R4W obtain her own bicycle to cut down on the many hours of walking necessary in this area of southwest Uganda. In fact, a bicycle is at least six times faster than walking, saving lots of valuable time.

Most women in the Bwindi community of Kanungu District spend their days and well into each night managing their households. They carry water, dig their family’s garden, care for their children and animals, clean the house, and ensure everything is running smoothly. This leaves no time for them to learn a trade to earn money and very little time for them to learn from each other.

Read More on: http://www.ride4awoman.org/about-r4w

Bicycle Sponsorship Programme and Workshop (BSPW)

Started 1990, Bicycle Sponsorship Project & Workshop is a NGO registered in Uganda with a primary mandate of promoting non- motorized mobility in Uganda by addressing issues of accessibility and affordability of NMTs especially bicycles to low income groups, individual and community.

BSPWs Mission is to empower the people of Uganda by accessing them with bicycles, provide quality information, impart skills and knowledge on issues of development and NMTs.

Contact Us – Uganda

Telephone: (+256) 77 620312

Or (+256) 43 121322

Email: bspw@bspw.org

Website: http://www.bspw.org/

P. O Box 1537


Jinja, Uganda


Uvumbuzi is a local Kenyan environmental conservation lobbying society formed in 1983.

Uvumbuzi is engaged in the promotion of cycling as a Non- motorized transport means of transport and participate in wildlife and environmental conservation activities.

It is with this background the name Uvumbuzi derived from the Swahili word “Vumbua” meaning to discover was established.

The society’s activities fall in two program areas:

  • Environmental conservation and lobbying activities,
  • Promotion of cycling as an alternative non-motorized mode of transport.



Hosted by Wildlife clubs of Kenya

Bomas, Langata Road, P.O Box 44487-00100, Nairobi, KENYA
Phone: +254 (0)20 4764464, Tel: +254 20 4764464
Email: info@uvumbuzi.org / secretariat@uvumbuzi.org

Centre for Cycling Expertise (CCE)

The Center for Cycling Expertise (CCE) is a Ghanaian NGO set up with the primary aim of supporting and promoting sustainable Non-Motorized Transport (NMT) in Ghana.

Since, CCE’s establishment  in 2002 the following are some of the activities that had been undertaken by the Centre:

  • A mobility study of Accra in a report titled “Cycling in Accra : A case study”
  • A documentary titled “To cycle Hopefully”
  • Stakeholders meeting with other stakeholders on New Transport New City with Enrique Penalosa, Former Mayor of Bogotá in attendance.
  • Advocacy for soft road users on Electronic Media.
  • Review of design drawings at the request of the Department of Urban Roads.
  • Organized bicycle caravans with other stakeholders.
  • Organized stakeholder meetings with the Department of Urban Roads, Department of Town and Country Planning, and the then Ministry of Modernisation of the Capital City on Improved accessibility and dignified public spaces.
  • A survey on the Accra Metropolitan Assembly’s Decongestion exercise titled “The Impact of Accra Metropolitan Assembly’s Decongestion Exercise: Pedestrians Perspective”
  • Publication of quarterly Newsletter
Contact Us

Telephone: (+233) 21 682 417

Fax: (+233) 21 682 418

Email: info@centrecycling.org

P. O Box BT 446, Tema

Association d’Aide aux Veuves et Orphelines (AVO)

The Association helps widows and orphans and was established in December 200 and was officially recognized as the number of receipt of recognition. The Association AVO is a member of the committee against AIDS Center West.

As the name clearly indicated, AVO aims to promote the welfare of widows and orphans. Thus, its contributes as much to what is the socio-economic Boulkiemde’ province in general and common Koudougou and Sabou in particular.

The Association’s Main Objective

Identification and enumeration of widows and orphans

The search for funding resources for the benefit of widows and orphans to undertake income generating activities

The training of widows and orphans on handicrafts to facilitate their reintegration

Support orphans school;

Þ    The health care of windows, orphans and vulnerable children

Þ    The fight against HIV/AIDS/STI’s

Þ    The fight against poverty

Þ    Mobilize and mange resources at its disposal

Þ    Controlling the use of the resources at its disposal



Hosted by Wildlife clubs of Kenya

B.P. 249 Koudougou
Phone: 70-77-13-92 or 50-44-21-02
Email: avo_association@yahoo.fr

First African Bicycle Information Organization (FABIO)

As the economies and societies of Africa continue to develop it is important that this growth occurs in a sustainable fashion which benefits not only the stakeholders involved, but the world as a whole.  The First African Bicycle Information Organization (FABIO) is a Uganda based non-governmental organization that believes in utilizing non-motorized transport as a vital tool for sustainable development.

One of the contributing factors to poverty in underdeveloped areas of Africa is the lack of a viable form of transportation.  From the farmer who cannot take large loads of crops to the market for sale, to the family who cannot transport their sick mother to a hospital; FABIO aspires to help build the capacity of these groups to improve their own lives.  These issues are addressed through FABIO’s bicycle-related programs that aim to help make non-motorized forms of transportation more readily available to marginalized communities.

Read More:  http://www.fabio.or.ug/

Umma Wa Wapanda Baisikeli (UWABA)

Umma Wa Wapanda Baisikeli Dar es Salaam (UWABA) is an NGO made up of members who use cycles as their everyday means of transport in Dar es Salaam.  Members include ordinary cyclists, cyclists with disabilities who use arm-cycles and those who transport goods on three wheeled cycles (tricycle).

Our aims are to encourage cycling as a sustainable means of urban transport and toimprove safety for cyclists in Dar es Salaam through cycle safety education and lobbying the Government for safer road infrastructure and better law enforcement.

Read More:  www.uwaba.or.tz/index-en.htm

BEN South Africa

The Bicycling Empowerment Network (BEN) was launched in Cape Town on 7 February 2002. BEN promotes the use of bicycles in order to address low-cost mobility, health and access to opportunity, employment, skills and education. In collaboration with both national and international development/ donor agencies, the project facilitates the transportation of bicycles from Europe, Great Britain and the United States to South Africa, the establishment of bicycle workshop projects and the introduction of bicycle user paths/ networks. To ensure the success of the project, BEN has established working partnerships with the Netherlands based Interface for Cycling Expertise (I-CE) the Shova Kalula (Pedal Easy) project of the South African National Department of Transport (NDoT), the cities of Cape Town, Tshwane and Johannesburg, and various SA CSO’s and cycling organisations. BEN is a national program based in Cape Town.

Read More:  http://www.benbikes.org.za/