Association d’Aide aux Veuves et Orphelines (AVO)

The Association helps widows and orphans and was established in December 200 and was officially recognized as the number of receipt of recognition. The Association AVO is a member of the committee against AIDS Center West.

As the name clearly indicated, AVO aims to promote the welfare of widows and orphans. Thus, its contributes as much to what is the socio-economic Boulkiemde’ province in general and common Koudougou and Sabou in particular.

The Association’s Main Objective

Identification and enumeration of widows and orphans

The search for funding resources for the benefit of widows and orphans to undertake income generating activities

The training of widows and orphans on handicrafts to facilitate their reintegration

Support orphans school;

Þ    The health care of windows, orphans and vulnerable children

Þ    The fight against HIV/AIDS/STI’s

Þ    The fight against poverty

Þ    Mobilize and mange resources at its disposal

Þ    Controlling the use of the resources at its disposal



Hosted by Wildlife clubs of Kenya

B.P. 249 Koudougou
Phone: 70-77-13-92 or 50-44-21-02