Ride 4 A Woman

Ride 4 a Woman main objective is to economically and socially empower local women in the closest communities surrounding Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park.

Ride 4 a Woman tackles issues related with bicycles! Not only do we rent bicycles to tourists to fund our Women’s Community Centre, we offer bicycle career training to the women as one of the career options they can choose with us. Please read more about our Women’s Community Centre.

And of course, we help every woman member of R4W obtain her own bicycle to cut down on the many hours of walking necessary in this area of southwest Uganda. In fact, a bicycle is at least six times faster than walking, saving lots of valuable time.

Most women in the Bwindi community of Kanungu District spend their days and well into each night managing their households. They carry water, dig their family’s garden, care for their children and animals, clean the house, and ensure everything is running smoothly. This leaves no time for them to learn a trade to earn money and very little time for them to learn from each other.

Read More on: http://www.ride4awoman.org/about-r4w

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