Bicycle donated by FABIO to school going children

My name is James, 6 years old and first born of the family. We are only two children with my sister who is 2 years old. Our father is a taxi driver. I am happy to get a bicycle which helps me to go to school early.

I ride the bicycle everyday to school with the help of my friend Asarif Galiwango who also has his own bicycle but he is older than me because he is in primary four at a neighboring school called Kasokoso primary school in Uganda. I need another bicycle when I grow up in primary four when I am ten years.

Thank you for sending us bicycles which have helped us to play and go to school.

Before I got a bicycle from FABIO, my father used to take me to school before he starts working. It was very hard for him and me because he leaves home very early to take other children to different schools for money. This bicycle helps me not to wake up too early to catch my fathers’ taxi.

I still have my bicycle but one day other children had stolen my bicycle but returned it after their mother asked them to bring it back to school.